Personalised Finance Plans

You and your life are unique.

We will take the time to discuss your ambitions and dreams with you. The importance of this is to determine which type of loan is the most apt. What is perfect for you may not suit others. Therefore we design investment strategies suited to your individual requirements at your particular age, circumstance and stage of life.

Our specialist software can help us compare for you over 30 lenders and our industry knowledge means we are also aware of other products which are not mainstream but from time to time useful to achieve your goal. We educate and inform you, the details of your loan are explained, so that you feel confident in your choice. You will have an understanding of the features of your loan so that you can get the most out of it. You will also have an awareness of the benefits and costs of various options and the confidence that your loan is structured correctly for all that goes on in your life.

You will have knowledge of the costs involved in financing your property and the funds you will require to complete your purchase.

You sometimes need to see how different lenders assess your borrowing power. Your borrowing power significantly affects your ability to do what you want to do. Lending policies differ between lenders and this is one of the important reasons why we can be your guide and advocate for you. We look at the whole financial landscape on offer, this can get missed and put you at a disadvantage if you simply go directly to one banking institution.

We do the hard work for you and get you to where you want to be.

The world is a busy place and there is a constant barrage of information. It is our pleasure to guide you through the overwhelming amount of facts to process when it comes to property finance. At Aviser we are advocates for you, helping you sort through the flood of sometimes contrary data to make the best decisions. We can also help you find other professionals you may need in this process that can make things go more effectively and efficiently in your favour because of their expertise.

We lodge the application on your behalf. As we are your advocates we will ensure your application looks as good as is possible when presented to the bank. At Aviser we give you the best chance of having your loan approved and also negotiate the best deal for you.

We tailor the correct loan to you. Importantly we follow up on your behalf with your bank, accountant, your solicitor, the real estate person or buyers advocate and with SMSF purchases, your financial planner.

You want to focus on finding the perfect property, a great investment or planning your renovations. We are here to help you enjoy the exciting parts of the Property Experience while we take care and guide you with the finance side.
We keep you informed.

You will have a dedicated team driving your loan from beginning to end to ensure the process goes smoothly. You having the best experience possible is important to us. We want to meet your finance needs throughout your life and would like you to be so delighted that you refer your family and friends.

You will be kept up to date at the important stages and we encourage you to contact us with any queries you have as we are here to help you.