Aviser Special: Refinancing



Meet the Scouller family: Brad, Rebecca and their darling girls Billie and Gemma. The Scoullers are Aviser clients who have recently benefited from refinancing their assets.

Often misunderstood or viewed as too much paperwork, refinancing is a great way to take advantage of the market’s ultra-low interest rates. It’s entirely possible that your mortgage no longer suits your circumstances: maybe your family has grown, or you’ve downsized. Perhaps your employment situation has changed, or you’re going into retirement. There’s no better way to explain the benefits of refinancing your mortgage with Aviser than from a family who have been there before – meet the Scoullers!

Aviser: What did you know about refinancing before you met with Aviser?

Brad and Rebecca: We learned a bit in the lead up to seeking the assistance from Aviser.  We experienced how slow and frustrating the process can be, particularly when there is so much documentation required and it has to be exactly right.

A: Why did you decide to refinance your homeloan? 

B&R: We were purchasing the remaining share of an investment property we have and also it made sense to bring all our loans together under the one financial institution.

A: How has refinancing improved your lifestyle or your financial position? How much money have you saved?

B&R: Through a better interest rate we’re saving thousands every year.  We were also able to structure our accounts more effectively to offset interest.  We are paying the loan down much faster now.

A: What do you have the ability to do now that you have refinanced? Have new opportunities appeared which are you financially free to take advantage of? 

B&R: Our ultimate goal is to repay the loans as quickly as possible and be mortgage free. However, we have been able to make some significant improvements to the house in the past 12 months, that may have otherwise taken longer.


A: How important was Aviser’s expertise in assisting you to understand the benefits of refinancing? 

B&R: Very important. With being on maternity leave a factor for us and trying to battle the banks on our own, we were delighted when Aviser stepped in and found the lenders more favourable of our circumstances, but then also to achieve a great rate with fast approval was just so great.

A: Has refinancing assisted you to grow your property portfolio? If so, how?

B&R: Yes, we now have 2 investment properties that are positively geared and helping us pay off our primary residence sooner.

A: If you had one piece of advice for mortgagees considering refinancing, what would it be?

B&R: For the right outcome and efficiency, you’re better off going with a broker such as Aviser. They have influence with the lenders and know exactly what to look for to match your circumstances and achieve the best results.