RBA puts freeze on changes in June.

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It’s the start of Winter and the RBA has put a freeze on any further cash rate changes in June. The current cash rate stays at 1.75%.

‘The Reserve Bank of Australia announced the cash would remain unchanged, though many economists believe there may be a further easing of rates in August of this year’, Aviser’s Martin Ryan says. ‘Glen Stephens concludes his ten year term as Governor of the RBA this September. Stephens has in recent times pointed out that the ultra low interest rates while positive for home lending is “putting pressure on savers” and some “retirement nest eggs”, Martin explains. ‘We’d like to guide you through the reactions of the lenders to ensure that your lending is optimal for you and yours.’ If you aspire to take advantage of the current environment – whether you are looking to buy or already have some lending – contact us at Aviser Finance.