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“Make the smarter choice for your home or place of business. Whitelock Electrical delivers a full range of high-quality electrical services to residential, commercial and industrial properties across the city.”

At Aviser Finance, we place high value in building a strong network of talented individuals, businesses and trusted experts from a range of industries, who we are always pleased to recommend to our clients and community. In the latest Aviser blog, we’re proud to introduce Nathaniel Whitelock from Whitelock Electrical – a wonderful business owner and valued client who has settled on his first residential property with us this week!

Aviser: Thanks for taking the time to chat! Can you start by telling us about Whitelock Electrical and how it came to be?

Nathaniel: Whitelock Electrical is a privately owned business based in Elwood. Since being founded in 2015 as a fresh arrival from New Zealand, the business has been built upon trust and referrals from happy and satisfied clients. We deliver a full range of high-quality services such as general electrical, data, CCTV, intercoms and more. We pride ourselves on our reliable, professional and quality performance and aim to exceed our client’s expectations on every job.

A: At Aviser, we place high value in our network of trusted experts. In your experience, what are some benefits of building a strong, trusted network and connecting with other like-minded business owners within your community?

N: Building and maintaining quality relationships and networks with other like-minded professionals enables us to meet and exceed our client’s overall needs. The trust that is built is crucial to being able to refer another professional on our behalf without a shred of doubt that they will be satisfied with the level of quality rendered.

A: How did the Aviser team support you in becoming a property owner? Can you speak on how your experience has been, from organising a pre-approval through to the upcoming settlement?

N: The team at Aviser have been fantastic throughout the recent journey to becoming a property owner. They made the whole process seem so simple and streamlined. Their communication from initial engagement to pre-approval, then final settlement has been first-class. The fears associated with becoming a new home owner were put to rest with a plethora of knowledge and advice available when needed.


A: You’ve purchased a lovely apartment in Elwood, how important was location for you? What influenced you to purchase in this area?

N: I first visited the Elwood/St Kilda area on my first holiday to Melbourne from New Zealand in 2013. I can recall thinking at the time that I could see myself living here. I have always wanted to live near the water since I was young and that was a big factor in choosing to live in Elwood. A lot of my clients are local to Elwood so this was a big factor when choosing where to live.

A: How have the pandemic and lockdown restrictions impacted:

a) Your business practice at Whitelock Electrical?
N: My business has not been impacted majorly by the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. The recent stage 4 lockdown has reduced available work, but I am still very grateful for the work we have had during this time.

b) Your journey to property ownership?
N: Fortunately the pandemic hasn’t impacted my property journey very much at all. I managed to purchase the property in June between the two main lockdowns.

Based in Elwood, Whitelock Electrical assists property owners across Melbourne’s metropolitan areas. Built on the principles of integrity, innovation, and quality – get in touch with Nathaniel and his team of experienced tradespeople for all of your domestic, commercial and industrial electrical needs.

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