Living the dream: Anne + Tim’s Story

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“Aviser Finance has the capacity to cut through the marketing ploys and jargon of the major financial institutions, and give clear, comparable data from which to make an informed choice.”

For many Australians, purchasing a beautiful holiday home of their very own is a lovely but seemingly unreachable fantasy. 

At least, that’s what couple Anne and Tim may have thought before they partnered with Aviser Finance to make that dream a reality, securing themselves their own little slice of paradise in a lovely, beach-adjacent property that allows them to enjoy a home-away-from-home, spending time hosting get-togethers with their family and friends!

We spoke to Anne and Tim about their experience of finding the perfect holiday home, and why it’s important to aim high and not compromise when looking for the property of your dreams!

Aviser Finance: Congratulations on your beautiful holiday home! Can you tell us about the property?

Anne + Tim: It’s a quirky 1950s farm house, perched on the top of a hill overlooking the local township. Set on a large block, backing onto state forest – perfect for bush walks and mountain bike riding.

A twenty minute drive to the magnificant Warratah Bay means long beach walks and boogie boarding and surfing for our family and friends.

Having ‘holidayed’ in the area for over 30 years, it is a dream come true to claim a place in this beautiful part of the world.

AF: What was your experience with financing before you decided to work with a broker?

A+T: We found it confusing to work our way through all the different options various banks were offering, and hard to know how to compare offers – given the different ways financing is packaged and marketed.

AF: Why did you decide to work with Aviser Finance as your brokers?

A+T: We have used Aviser Finance before, and found them incredibly helpful, informative and clear in their communications.

They took the stress out of the financial side of purchasing our home.

AF: What is the biggest difference between working with a broker compared to major financial institutions?

A+T: Aviser Finance has the capacity to cut through the marketing ploys and jargon of the major financial institutions – and give clear, comparable data from which to make an informed choice.

We can’t emphasise enough how helpful that has been.

AF: What advice would you give to someone considering purchasing a holiday home and why should they choose Aviser Finance?

A+T: Make sure you are clear as to what you are looking for in a holiday house, and don’t compromise.

Holiday houses in particular are about family and friends and a sense of spirit of place, so make sure you include the heart in your decision.

And go with Aviser Finance – they understand the stress that occurs when deciding to make such a big purchase, and use their expertise and industry knowledge to help you navigate through to a good outcome!

Contact Aviser Finance today to learn more about how we can make your dreams of homeownership a reality! 

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