The Right Time: Nick’s story

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“Working with Aviser Finance was one of the smoothest experiences I have enjoyed. The feeling of finally being able to purchase a first home is simple elation!”


There are very few experiences in life that compare to purchasing your first home! Owning property provides an unparalleled sense of security in a way that renting cannot match.

Homeownership is especially appealing to younger Australians. Younger homeowners are able to put down roots and build a sense of community in their chosen suburbs as they mature into the next stage of their lives.

Homeownership also offers greater control over your living environment, opening the door (quite literally!) to make changes and improvements to your surroundings and create a true sense of home and belonging.

Buying a first home also creates other opportunities to invest in other properties in the future.

Aviser Finance is proud to support many young Australians to make their dreams of homeownership come true by helping them find the best home loan rates for their circumstances.

We recently helped Nick, an Australian millennial, to purchase his first home. Learn more about his experience below!

Nick’s story

Nick found his dream home in Melbourne’s North West, a beautiful three-bedroom property with a two-car garage and a large backyard for his dog, Max!

With our support, Nick was able to secure a pre-approved mortgage loan within his budget and will avoid unnecessary fees and higher repayments as he enjoys living in his wonderful new home.

We spoke to Nick about purchasing his first home and the benefits of working with a mortgage broker.

Q&A with Nick and Aviser Finance

Aviser Finance: Congratulations on purchasing your first property. How does it feel to be a first-home owner?

Nick: The feeling of finally being able to purchase a first home is simple elation. It was a long search, but finally, being able to call a place home is a feeling like none other.

A: Can you tell us about your new home and how you decided it was the right property?

N: My new home is a three-bedroom, one-bath detached unit on a block of three. The unique part is that it has a two-car lockup garage with space for two cars in front of the garage, which is a premium in the Airport West area.

This property was the right one because it was a good size for the area, with valuable additional garage space, multiple bedrooms and a sizeable backyard area that I need for my dog, Max.

A: Younger Australians can be uncertain about their prospects of entering the property market. How did you decide it was the right time to purchase?

N: I felt that it was the right time to purchase as I was in a part of my life where I wanted a set home base that allowed me to be an owner-occupier and set the house up as a future investment property.

A: What made you decide to work with a broker?

N: I did quite a lot of research before settling on a broker. I chose Aviser Finance because of the positive online reviews and the highly positive experiences other acquaintances had had with the team for their financial needs.

A: What was the purchasing experience like, and how did your relationship with Aviser Finance help you?

N: The purchasing experience with Aviser Finance was one of the smoothest experiences I have enjoyed. For such an important life moment, having the Aviser Finance team behind me was very reassuring, giving the best advice.

For example, there was a small challenge with the conveyancer that was handling the purchase on my behalf. Martin and his team guided me through it and ensured I obtained the best possible outcome.

A: What advice would you give to other young Australians wanting to buy a property that might be feeling uncertain in the current market?

N: My advice would be to put their head down and save as much as possible for a deposit to avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and other fees.

Having a bigger deposit also gives purchasers a better chance of purchasing in their desired area and can save a lot of money in the long run regarding repayments and other fees.

If you’re ready to purchase your first home or want to discuss your best options for the future, Aviser Finance can help you on your journey.

Let’s get started! Contact Aviser Finance today.

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