Aviser Special: Why Should You Use a Broker?

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So you’ve heard of brokers – but perhaps you don’t know exactly how they might differ from a bank. Why should you consider meeting with a reputable broker for your next mortgage, first investment property or refinance? In today’s Aviser Finance blog we go back to basics, presenting six key reasons why using an experienced broker – like our very own Martin Ryan – puts you in the best financial position possible. Filled with tidbits from Martin and feedback from several of our lovely clients, we’re certain that this blog will have you thinking twice about visiting a bank for your next loan!

1. Brokers mean a better deal.

Using a broker to procure your mortgage or loan puts you in the best financial position, as Martin Ryan explains. “Using a brokerage like Aviser Finance means you really are getting the best loan offers around. We can evaluate the hundreds of available products on the market , and use our hard-won relationships with lenders to negotiate better terms for our clients, as we have the buying power.” As Aviser client Rebecca remarks, “Without using an Aviser broker we wouldn’t have secured a mortgage. Aviser had the knowledge and expertise to negotiate in a way that we simply couldn’t. Martin was able to negotiate a great rate for us –  a broker is able to approach multiple financial institutions through their direct business banking contacts, securing you the best deal.”

2. Brokers bring deals together.

Amazing loan settlements in tricky circumstances are Aviser’s specialty. And tricky circumstances are more common than you might think.  “Because we have been in an environment of easy credit for a long time, most people just assume they are inherently credit worthy and that property they purchase will be acceptable to the lender they choose,” notes Martin. Don’t assume that approval of your loan is a foregone conclusion – even with a bank you’ve borrowed through for years.

3. The personal touch

Big banks aren’t exactly known for their flexibility or customer service – unlike Aviser Finance! We work with our clients to help them achieve their goals, and at times that match their lifestyles. Flexible in our communication style and with a beautiful South Melbourne office, the Aviser team help you to articulate your life goals by understanding your individual circumstances, leading you to investment solutions that enhance your lifestyle. Our recent client Megan noted that “Aviser made everything so easy from the first contact we had. They take care of every aspect and make you feel assured of being in good hands. They explain the options and process clearly and simply and they offer excellent advice.”


4. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Whilst buying a property might feel like The Hunger Games, procuring your loan with Aviser puts the odds in your favor. A quality broker enhances the chances of your loan being approved by presenting your loan application completely and professionally to the lender who has the greatest appetite for your business. As Martin says, “A good application makes the credit assessor aware of all your strong points and mitigates any weaknesses in the application. At Aviser, we have superior knowledge of lenders’ credit policies, sometimes exceeding those of their credit assessors, to make sure you are the perfect fit for the lender we recommend.”

5. Next level finance.

A robust financial position isn’t the result of good luck: having all your cards (or loans!) in a row is the direct result of working with trusted finance professionals to improve your position. An experienced broker will work with a borrower’s allied finance professionals to ensure their loan structures are correct. Why is this so critical? Namely, to minimize taxation, minimize your exposure to risk, maximize your ability to invest, and to make sure your money is working for you. Brokers – they’re so much more than a bank! As our happy clients Megan and Sam (pictured above) kindly noted, “The general advice Aviser gave us on how to best manage our finances and assets has undoubtedly saved us thousands. Martin worked tirelessly to find a solution to our situation and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

6. A network of experts.

Aviser are here to help you today, and well into the future. We want our clients to continue to reach and aspire, confident in our support on their journey. As Martin proudly remarks, “Our clients feel truly understood, safe in the knowledge that their finance has been designed especially for them and that we are at their side to facilitate it in the most efficient, effective way possible.” Deeply connected to other industry professionals, Aviser enjoy a select network of professionals we are confident to connect our clients with – from financial planners to estate agents, accountants, property managers and buyers advocates.  Rest assured in the attention of Aviser’s network of experts – on hand to help with any queries which might arise.

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