Let’s Talk About: Refinancing

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Introducing Tania Priestley and her lovely family, esteemed clients of Aviser Finance who have reaped the benefits of refinancing multiple mortgages and strengthening their impressive property portfolio throughout the years.

Refinancing your mortgage can make way for many great opportunities. Aviser’s wealth of experience and knowledge across all things property finance will help you find the ideal option to compliment your unique situation and financial goals. We’re currently experiencing a historically low interest rate period, meaning there are many competitive home loan products available – making it a great time to refinance.

Let’s talk about refinancing, with the Priestleys!

Aviser: Why did you choose to refinance, and why did you decide to do so with Aviser?

Tania: We have been clients of Martin and Aviser for many years. We chose to refinance because we have learnt that re-evaluating your financial situation every few years is well worth it. We have saved many thousands of dollars simply by having Aviser review our financial situation and making recommendations where deemed necessary.

A: Can you describe Aviser’s support through this process?

T: The Aviser team are well versed in what the requirements and processes are from the Banks, and we find that once a few updated documents are provided, there is not much else we need to do. The Aviser team take care of the rest.

Communication is the key in these situations, and we’re pleased to have been able to talk openly and honestly about our own personal situation and needs, knowing that Aviser will be there to support us and respect whatever path we ultimately choose to take. We received very quick, detailed responses to any questions we might have, and the time is always taken to explain things clearly.

A:  How has refinancing helped to strengthen your portfolio of multiple properties?

T: We have acquired a few investment properties over our time with Aviser. Refinancing our properties has meant there are more dollars directly in our pocket to pay down our own mortgage, and to free up lending commitments so further investments can be purchased.

A: How early on in your buying process did you engage a finance broker? Please describe some advantages of engaging the Aviser team.

T: We have had a finance broker since we purchased our very first property… 24  years ago! The brokering industry has changed a bit in that time, and the professionalism and trust we have in Aviser means that we can look at our financial situation with them well in advance of purchasing a property. This has guaranteed confidence, knowledge and transparency about our budget and options at all times.

A: How has the pandemic impacted your family?

T: We are fortunate that all of our family have been able to keep working, albeit with some reduced hours.
It has definitely given us a little bit of time to slow down and analyse where we are at. Homeschooling with three children has had it’s challenges, but we have found that the extra quality time with them has been a positive for us all.

A: What advice would you give someone looking to refinance?

T: The advice we have for everyone is to surround yourself with knowledgable, independent advisors who have your best interests at the forefront. People you can communicate with, and who respect your choices and lifestyle.

“Three of our children are working and saving hard. In the next year or so, we are very excited to be able to have Martin, Tonina and the Aviser team help them get a good start on their financial journey, supporting them with plenty of forward planning and a healthy understanding of the property and financial industry. We trust Aviser with our children’s future. I can’t give a higher recommendation than that!” – Tania Priestley.

As property finance experts, Aviser are available to go deep into discussion about home loans, refinancing and all the nitty-gritty of mortgages. Refinancing is of particular interest at the moment, with the cash rate at an all-time low. Wondering if refinancing is right for you? We can help you make an informed decision by reviewing several loan options to find one that best aligns to your needs.

We have access to many loans from Australia’s leading lenders, as well as a range of exclusive, flexible, and competitive loan solutions. Through this, we can work with you to find a loan tailored to your circumstance. To learn more about refinancing, get in touch with the Aviser Finance team today!

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