The Classic Charm of a Period Home: Nina + Todd’s Story

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“Canvassing the market is difficult and Aviser Finance can provide value by securing the best institution for your needs.”

Period homes – they’re more than just buildings, they’re a little slice of history, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one of your very own, you’ll be living in a unique and charming space that reflects your personality and taste!  

This is the happy situation our lovely clients Nina and Todd found themselves in, after closing on a beautiful turn-of-the-century home in Elsternwick – with the help of Aviser Finance.

We caught up with them recently, and had a chat about their experience working with our team, as well as the joys and challenges of working with a period home:

Aviser Finance: Congratulations on securing your beautiful period home in Elsternwick. Can you tell us a little bit about the home? 

Nina + Todd: It is an Edwardian Villa, lovingly occupied by a family for 40+ years – so we have been enjoying the character features, but also the opportunity to add our own updates and personal touches!

AF: Why did you first decide to work with Aviser Finance?

N+T: (Aviser Finance) came recommended to us, and were willing to survey the market in order to obtain the best rates for our needs. Choosing a provider who had good platforms and were trusted, like Aviser Finance were a big consideration.

AF: What are the challenges you’ve experienced working with a period home?

N+T: Preserving its character, whilst also wanting to modernise it in terms of functionality and space – to meet the needs of our family.

AF: How has Aviser Finance made the process of securing this period home easier for you? 

N+T: Initially they completed the pre-finance work, allowing good visibility to the value of the new home. Then – once purchase was completed, they handled the application to a variety of loan providers, whilst also providing recommendations to the preferred institution. Aviser Finance also had good software which allowed the loading and completing of the vast amounts of paperwork seamlessly. At the finalisation of the loan, Aviser Finance got several basis points off the interest rate as well, saving further again!

AF: What has been the most rewarding aspect of owning a classic period home? 

N+T: We have enjoyed being able to work within the character that the house offers – quirks and all! This has forced us to be creative but considerate when it comes to planning updates and improvements to the interior and exteriors, enabling us to create more functional and family friendly spaces to live in and enjoy.

AF: What advice would you give to someone considering working with a broker, and why should they choose Aviser Finance? 

N+T: Canvassing the market is difficult  – and Aviser Finance can provide value by securing the best institution for your needs, whilst also obtaining preferential rates, lowering your monthly mortgage fees, and allowing more disposable cash to either repay the loan faster, saving or spending on other things.

Looking to make the next step in your journey towards home ownership? 

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