Inside Aviser: A Minute with Joyce Cheng

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“Home loans are not purely transactional. We maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients and explore their current needs and future goals.”

An expert broker who thinks fast on her feet, Joyce Cheng is Aviser Finance’s resident Financial Strategist – and has been a valuable member of our team for almost two years. She reviews existing and potential lending options and develops a strategy to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Today, we took a moment to interview Joyce about her experience at Aviser Finance, as well as her insights regarding current financing trends for 2023!

Aviser Finance: Hi Joyce! It’s been an eventful year so far. Can you share a recent story where you were able to help a client achieve their financing goals? 

Joyce: We were referred by an existing client to a friend of theirs.

This client was in the middle of a transaction with their existing bank and was looking to purchase their first property.

We were able to utilise some government incentives to assist this client to increase their purchase price and maximise their borrowing capacity.

The client has now settled on their first home, and we were able to fulfil their dreams of having a space they could call their own!

AF: What current trends are you noticing this year with regards to finance and lending?

J: We are seeing an increased interest in retention pricing and refinances if the existing lender cannot meet the market rates.

We conduct ongoing pricing reviews for all our existing clients and will conduct a market comparison for each client to ensure their rates remain competitive.

Clients are also more interested in banks’ cash-back offers if available.

AF: Why should someone choose Aviser Finance over another lender? 

J: Home loans are not purely transactional. We maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients and explore their current needs and future goals.

We have a range of lenders on our panel who can assist, regardless of your situation.

Our expertise with bank policies and niches allows us to offer our clients a range of solutions to achieve their goals.

Each client’s situation is different, and we ensure that the lender and product chosen meet their current requirements and can adapt to any future changes in circumstance.

AF: What advice would you give someone considering a finance solution, before they partner with Aviser Finance?

J: Take into consideration that a home loan is one of the largest financial commitments a person can have.

Just like how you go to the dentist for your teeth and your doctor for your health, why wouldn’t you speak to an expert to discuss your home loan?

Contact Aviser Finance today to learn more about how we can make your dreams of homeownership a reality! 

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