From holiday home to dream home: James + Bryce’s Story

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“Aviser Finance used their own initiative to review our rates and negotiate a reduction with the lender. We didn’t even have to ask!”

Sometimes when the world shifts to uncharted territory, so do your goals. And when your path changes to a different direction and even a new location, it can change your whole life – for the better! 

This is the situation our clients James and Bryce found themselves in, when a global pandemic triggered a change of pace, a shift in lifestyle and led to them packing their bags and transforming their intended holiday home into their forever-home instead – with the help of Aviser Finance!

We spoke to James and Bryce about how COVID changed their direction, what it was like working with a brilliant builder to construct their dream-home – and what post-city life is like now they’re settled into a coastal state of mind!

Aviser Finance: Congratulations on your beautiful new home! It’s turned into a magnificent, stylish property. How did you go with the construction and fit out?

James + Bryce: Choosing the right builder was key. We met with several builders but clicked with one. Jamie wasn’t just a nice guy, he was a guy who understood design and was detail oriented. He was also local, so had a vested interest in delivering something great for the area. Later in the build, we stumbled across an old series of Grand Designs and found an episode that he featured in. He did an incredible job with that build too, but won’t promote it – as he found TV productions only get in the way of a good build! I think that says a lot about his work.

AF: You made the decision to relocate from the city to the coast. Can you tell us why you decided to make the move?

J+B: We bought our block before COVID changed the world, with a view to build a holiday house that we could ‘Airbnb’ to cover costs. Then COVID changed the world. We no longer needed to be in the office four or five days a week, so decided to live where we wanted – which is down here. We poured a lot more of “us” into the final build as a result.

AF: What was the process of looking for a property in a regional location like compared to the city?

J+B: We wanted to build as we wanted to create. Renovating could yield similar results, but in reality we didn’t have the time or skills for that. Choosing to build helped narrow the search to vacant land. We wanted to be in an area that felt more natural and less suburban, so we targeted blocks on the ocean side of the peninsula close to the national park. We found a block that was three kilometres from my parent’s house, three kilometres from my partners parent’s and only metres from a couple of the Peninsula’s best kept secrets – 16 Beach General Store and surf beach! It was an absolute no-brainer. 

AF: What has been the biggest difference you have noticed so far between city living and coastal living?

J+B: The sense of community really shines here. It’s such a pleasure to take the dog out for a walk, and everyone knows your name. Everyone truly looks out for each other here too.   

AF: You’ve known Martin and the team at Aviser Finance for a long time. How has that working relationship evolved?

J+B: We’ve been friends for years, and knew we could rely on them. They’ve been helping people navigate challenging circumstances and conditions for years now. Our situation was relatively straight-forward, but we still had to find the right lender for us. It was comforting to draw from their experience. It was really satisfying including them into the creation of our home too!

AF: How has your relationship with Aviser Finance helped you navigate recent challenges relating to rising interest rates and the cost of living?  

J+B: Proactively! Aviser Finance used their own initiative to review our rates and negotiate a reduction with the lender. We didn’t even have to ask! 

AF: What advice would you give to someone considering working with a broker and why should they choose Aviser Finance?  

J+B: We’re massive advocates for using a broker and even bigger advocates for using Aviser Finance. We’re not sure if it’s possible for apples-to-apples comparisons in the lending industry anymore. There’s too much complexity, so a broker is essential. Having a good broker like Aviser Finance ensures your interests are truly taken in to account, and the process is as smooth as possible. They’ll ensure you save on cost, time and stress and won’t treat it as a one-off transaction – their support is genuinely ongoing.

AF: Finally,  what would you say to someone who might be considering relocating to the coast?

J+B: You won’t regret it!

Contact Aviser Finance today to learn more about how we can make your dreams of homeownership a reality! 

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