The Upgraders: Michele and Daniel’s story

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“Aviser Finance’s expertise was fundamental to helping us navigate our options and determine the best way to use our available funds without feeling pushed into a financial situation we were not comfortable with.” 

“Relieved, elated, and energized!” Those are the three words that Michele and Daniel use to describe how they felt after purchasing their new family home. 

The couple knew exactly what they were looking for; a spacious period house in leafy green Elwood that reminded them of Michele’s London roots. They also wanted to be only a stone’s throw away from their daughter’s school, the local shopping district, and easy access to public transport.

In February 2020 the family moved into a rental property, anticipating a brief stay to bridge the gap between selling their old home and finding their new one.

Then Covid hit.

We spoke to Michele and Daniel about how the pandemic altered their plans, why finding a home in Elwood was so important, and how working with Aviser Finance helped them make the best decisions for their family’s future.

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Aviser Finance: Congratulations on finding your dream home! Can you tell us why you decided on Elwood?

Michele & Daniel: We were lucky to have already owned a house in Elwood, which we sold in Feb 2020. We needed to stay in the area as our oldest daughter is at the local primary school, and we want our youngest to go there too. We love the location with the beach, green space, easy access to the city and being near our family!

A: Your property is a beautiful period home. When did you know that this was the right house for your family? Was it love at first sight?

M & D: Daniel and I were quite adamant about wanting a period home, so as soon as we stepped inside the property we knew that it could be the one! The room that really sold it for us was the formal lounge area. The layout and the big fireplace made us feel like we were back in London, which is exactly what we wanted. We exchanged a knowing look that said “this could be our home for years to come.”

A: You have a young family with two kids. How important was it to find the right home for them?

M & D: Very important! Our kids were at the forefront of our decision to move. We wanted a house that would suit us now, but also had areas to grow alongside our girls. Daniel and I loved our last place but it had been purchased when he was single and in his twenties. It had three stories and a small courtyard, so it just didn’t work as a family home. Now we’re close to the primary school, near friends and family, and have easy access to shops and public transport. 

Photo credit: Tonina Ryan Creative

A: You’ve been renting ever since you sold your last property in 2020. What made you decide that you wanted to buy?

M & D: When we sold our last home we assumed that we would buy something straight away, but then Covid hit and changed everything! We hadn’t found a new home by the time we settled in Feb 2020, so we considered our options and decided to rent temporarily rather than settle for less than what we really wanted. 

Finding a new home with low stock and prices increasing was challenging. We couldn’t be happier with our home but we are definitely happy that the journey is over! 

A: The pandemic has made many people nervous about buying property, particularly in Melbourne. What advice would you give to someone who really wants to buy but is concerned about the timing?

M & D: We bought for the future and plan on staying in this house for a long time, so we made sure to consider the long term growth of the property and the area we were buying into against the current selling price. I would say do your research and get specialist help to ensure you make informed financial choices with the lowest risk potential during these uncertain times. 

A: What made you want to work with a finance broker, and why did you choose Aviser Finance?

M: As I’m from the UK and still have money there, we knew that our situation wasn’t straightforward. We needed to make sure that we would still have money set aside when I return to work, and to eventually rebuild our holiday house.

D: Aviser Finance was recommended to us through the school community. Many of our friends spoke very highly of Martin and the team, and we felt that a family run business that was both approachable and experts in their industry would be the perfect fit.

A: This isn’t the first time you’ve been on the property market. How did working with Aviser Finance affect the process for you?

M & D: Our last home was purchased nearly 20 years ago, which was obviously a very different time! Working with Aviser Finance made us feel confident that we were across all the relevant and most up-to-date information without having to spend a huge amount of time doing extensive research. 

A: What advice would you give to someone considering working with a finance broker?

M & D: Make sure you meet them first to see if you feel confident with how they view your situation. You need to trust your broker, so it is always good to get a recommendation from people you trust. It definitely worked out for us!

Now that international borders have reopened, Michele and Daniel have decided to rent out their property while they spend some time overseas with their family! They look forward to returning to their forever home in Elwood.

Get in touch with Melbourne’s trusted property brokers at Aviser Finance today! 

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